Commercial Buildings

Lyndhurst Community Centre

The old Community Centre was a tired pre-cast concrete structure where the boilers had to be run 24/7 in the winter. The building was extended and thermally upgraded to create a greatly improved Centre for Lyndhurst Community Association and public library for Hampshire County Council.

All the walls and ceilings were thermally upgraded and all new floors are thermally insulated. Where parts of the existing pre-cast concrete panel walls were being retained we applied an internal cladding of 75mm foam panels with dry lining.

The library is provided with underfloor heating. Aluminium double glazing has been installed in all new parts of the building to reduce air leaks and heat loss. In addition to the thermal upgrade, a new biomass boiler was installed complete with fuel store. Wood chips are delivered from environmentally managed woodland on an estate in the New Forest.

The building was in continuous use throughout the 8 month project except for a one month mid-winter period when work on the central foyer and corridors was judged to be too hazardous to the public.

The end result is a brighter warmer environment where fuel bills have been reduced by a third despite a 22% increase in floor area, and an enlarged floor area which has allowed the usage by community and commercial groups to increase by almost 25%.

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