Renewable Energy projects have become a major part of our workload in recent years. We operate from a base in Lyndhurst in the New Forest National Park, where conservation has always been a high priority for planners and property owners for some time, but now there’s a new emphasis on incorporating modern renewable energy sources into traditionally styled buildings.

Recent projects have not only demanded high standards of energy conservation, they have also incorporated a range of renewable technologies. Some of these properties have been self sufficient for energy through a mix of Solar Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal and Air or Ground Source Heat Pumps, as well as traditional or modern wood fuelled heating.

We don’t just understand one technology, but have knowledge and experience across the whole spectrum of renewables to ensure you get the best mix of technologies for your building. Our installers are all experienced tradespeople with the highest standards of construction experience as well as knowledge of the technical requirements.

Case Study: Beecroft, Stony Cross, New Forest (2011)

Architect: Guion and Brown Ltd, Winchester

This new bungalow was built on a secluded plot within the grounds of an existing large house. Heating and hot water is generated by an air source heat pump beside the bungalow powered by photovoltaic cells on the adjacent stable block roof.

Power from photovoltaic cells is being sold back into the grid during the summer, whilst spring and autumn should see the system breaking even. Only in the winter months will some electricity be drawn from the national grid. The building is constructed to high energy standards meaning that the average fuels bills are not expected to exceed £2 per day.